September 11-15, 2017

HUSA Reports Eco-Progress

Heineken USA (HUSA) yesterday released its 2011 Sustainability Report, outlining the importer’s progress across its “Brewing a Better Future” agenda. The company points to Improvement in several vital areas of the business, including environmental impact, people and community, and its alcohol-specific focus to promote legal and responsible consumption. 

In the report, HUSA offered a number of highlights:

·       Renovated its corporate headquarters in White Plains, N.Y., to meet LEED Gold certification standards

·       Introduced a high-mileage hybrid car into its corporate fleet in the U.S.

·       Sponsored Taxi Magic, a digital platform to help consumers easily book and pay for a taxi ride home after an evening out, provided more than 900,000 taxi rides to consumers

·       Collaborated with members of the Responsible Retailing Forum to publish practices to reduce alcohol sales to minors


“We maintain a long view and seriously consider how our business treats our communities and neighbors,” said Dolf van den Brink, HUSA president & CEO. “We are excited about the 2011 sustainability successes, but look forward to building on the ‘Building a Better Future’ platform.”  

The 2010 kick-off of the "Brewing a Better Future" agenda introduced a new era of focus around sustainability for the company. The program design was built based on input from a broad set of stakeholders. The initiative, HUSA says, has provided the company with a clear road map and reflects its integrated and long-term ambition to become the “World’s Greenest International Brewer.”

 Brewing a Better Future focuses within strategic imperatives:

·       Continuously improve the environmental impact of Heineken’s brands and business

·       Empower the company’s people and the communities in which it operates

·       Positively impact the role of beer in society

“At HEINEKEN USA, we lead 20 programs that by 2020 will bring our words ‘Brewing a Better Future’ to life in partnership with our key stakeholders,” said Stacey Tank, Senior Vice President & Chief Corporate Relations Officer, HEINEKEN USA. “These 20 programs demonstrate our values and commitment to people and society.”

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