September 11-15, 2017

Diageo Names Alliance Distributor of the Year

Alliance Beverage Distributing Company has been recognized with one of the industry's highest honors awarded by Diageo-Guinness USA at the Ninth Annual Golden Bar Awards event, held during the 2012 Diageo-Guinness National Distributors meeting, on October 11 in Dallas, Texas.

The Golden Bar Awards recognize distributors and brokers throughout the industry for their excellence in the marketplace, including social responsibility and overall portfolio performance. Alliance Beverage was distinguished out of over 400 other competing distributors to vying for the Distributor of the Year honor.

"Our associates have a genuine desire to constantly improve the supplier and customer experiences, and distinguish themselves from the competition," said Bob Smith, President and CEO of Alliance Beverage. "To be honored with this prestigious award from a leading premium imported beer company, in a market where we have strong competition for the distribution rights of beer, simply confirms that we have set a very high standard within our company that will dictate the future of distribution for premium and craft beer."

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