September 11-15, 2017

Cold is King

Beverage World: What are beverage companies looking for

in a cooler?

COOLIO: For many years the lion’s share of prime promotional space has been allocated to non-refrigerated grocery products. Recent evolutionary developments in the category of refrigerated products, however, made the demand for a new promotional in-store tool necessary. With Coolio, for example, there now is a way to launch and promote refrigerated products out of the limited confines of the fixed permanent coolers of the grocery stores with our line of Freshboards.


BW: What is the advantage of Coolio?

COOLIO: Coolio coolers are portable and have a small footprint. Our displays are reusable and recyclable. We offer a number of different models for different store locations, such as gas stations, movie theaters, sports centers, and our product is brandable so it allows for seasonal campaigns. 


BW: Explain what you mean by brandable?

COOLIO: With our product, companies have the opportunity to create stunning graphics to increase brand awareness. We also have an international presence, which can be useful for global strategies. 


BW: What role should a cooler play in cross merchandising?

COOLIO: It is proven that most purchase decisions are made in-store, so it’s importance to place an eye-catching cooler to boost/generate extra sales. 

Adding a cooler to a program allows you to expand your cross merchandising campaign by introducing chilled products with ambient products like a bag of chips with a cold soda.  

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