September 11-15, 2017
Category: Ingredients

Honey Industry Focusing on Beverage Market


The National Honey Board has strengthened its interactive offerings with the launch of The new website complements the Board’s existing online presence in the baking, snack, dairy and confectionery industries, and promotes honey’s usage and benefits throughout the beverage market.
“The National Honey Board launched to keep beverage manufacturers
informed about the latest developments in the market as they relate to the use of honey,” Catherine
Barry, National Honey Board’s director of marketing, says. “Honey is the perfect sweetener for the
beverage industry because it is all-natural and possesses an outstanding flavor that is ideal for juices,
teas, sodas, dairy products and alcoholic drinks.”
The new website was launched to provide beverage manufacturers with industry-specific technical,
marketing and formulation assistance. The Organization’s other interactive properties include:
» This website provides confectionery manufacturers with new
product ideas and stories about the latest candy industry trends.
» From ice cream to yogurt, this website offers dairy food and
beverage manufacturers the latest information on honey and dairy products made with honey.
» This informative website contains information on baking with
honey, including retail and wholesale baking formulas and technical specifications.
» An online guide to snack food products made with honey, as
well as technical and marketing information for using honey in savory and salty snacks.
The National Honey Board is a federal research and promotion board under USDA oversight that
conducts research, marketing and promotion programs to help maintain and expand markets for honey
and honey products. These programs are funded by an assessment of one cent per pound on domestic
and imported honey.
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