September 11-15, 2017

Craft Beer Pavilion Targets Pizzeria Market

Which came first, pizza or beer? The correct answer must be “both” — for there simply is no better food and beverage pairing than ’za and suds. And not just any suds.

On March 19-21 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, International Pizza Expo® is hosting a Craft Beer Pavilion. Space is available for a limited number of brewers wishing to place their products and sales materials in the hands of almost 7,000 attendees who are seeking ways to improve their independent and chain operations.
Craft beer and pizza share more than taste compatibility:
Quality smaller brewers have posted strong sales growth while the large beer producers have gone flat. The same is true for pizzerias, which have sustained growth during the down economy while many other restaurant concepts have stagnated or gone backwards. 
The pizza market, like the craft beer market, is on the rise. Annual U.S. pizza sales are estimated at $40 billion and new pizzerias continue to open at the rate of thousands each year. 
Approximately one-half of the 65,000 U.S. pizzerias serve beer. 
Many of the most successful pizza-concept restaurants attend Pizza Expo seeking moneymaking ideas, making them a good audience for the craft beer message.
Here are two other reasons why you’ll want your brewery represented at International Pizza Expo 2013’s Craft Beer Pavilion: 
The Pizza Expo education program is supporting craft brewers with two panel discussions on the subject of building a profitable craft beer program. Two craft brewers and two pizza restaurant operators who serve craft beers will be on the panel. 
Some big players among craft brewers have already signed up to bring their kegs and representatives to the pavilion. They include Stone Brewing Co., Schlafly Beer and Arcadia Ales.
Pizza Expo offers craft brewers a discounted booth package for $2,500 that will include the following:
Company ID Sign
110 electric
Draped table
Corkage and bartender fees included (1 keg per company per day)
If you have questions or would like to reserve space, please call Bobbie MacIntosh at 800-489-8324 x515 or e-mail
Other participating Breweries Include:
- Left Coast Brewing o.
- New Belgium
- Stevens Point Brewery
- Rogue
- Samuel Adams
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