September 11-15, 2017

Unified Coke Bottler Given Go-Ahead in Spain


The National Competition Commission (CNC) has approved the merger process of the seven Spanish Coca-Cola bottlers into one company. This decision marks the culmination of an integration process undertaken approximately two years ago. Its purpose was to strengthen the business structure in Spain through a more efficient model.
The new company, which will have its headquarters in Madrid, is created through the merger of seven Spanish companies – Casbega, Colebega, Cobega, Rendelsur, Begano, Norbega and Asturbega. In addition to Spain, the new bottling company will also carry out the business of manufacturing and bottling Coca-Cola products in Portugal (Refrige bottler).
"The National Competition Commission has once again demonstrated its rigor and professionalism, giving the go-ahead to this merger. This represents the final milestone in a process that has met the deadlines and goals laid out two years ago. From the beginning, the integration of bottlers was seen as a business organization process, logical from a business point of view. It is intended to unify the activities of companies with different territories and simplify the shareholder system that has existed to date," Coke said in a statement.
Coca-Cola España
Within The Coca-Cola Company, the Iberian business has always stood out for both its business efficiency and its leadership in initiatives that have subsequently been exported and carried out in other countries. In fact, Coca-Cola España has the second-highest sales volume in Europe (14%), with Germany holding the number one spot (16%), and it is 11th in the world. Coca-Cola España markets 24 brands and 69 products, and serves more than 400,000 clients. In the area of innovation, the Iberia Division ranks second internationally in beverage variety, with only Japan having more. 
In addition, Spain is one of the leading countries within The Coca-Cola Company with regard to product development — it was a pioneer in the launch of Limón&Nada and Aquarius — and in creativity: it launched successful advertising campaigns such as “Encuentro” or “Chihuahua” which were exported to other countries.
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