September 11-15, 2017

Pernod Ricard Introduces Absolut Craft

Pernod Ricard has announced a new line extension for Absolut vodka designed exclusively for professional bartenders. Co-created with master bartender, Nick Strangeway, Absolut Craft is a signature collection, offering, the company says, the versatility of vodka with the added complexities of macerations and distillates.

“ABSOLUT has always maintained an uncompromising belief that to create an exceptional product you must start with exceptional ingredients,” said Maxime Kouchnir, Vice President of Marketing for Absolut. “Continuing in this tradition, each of the three products in the Absolut Craft Collection is made entirely from the finest botanicals and natural raw ingredients available, creating a unique and complex flavor experience.”
The first profile of Absolut Craft available will be Herbaceous Lemon which, like the others to come, uses at least 12 macerates and/or infusions and distillates to obtain completely distinct and, the brand says, un-replicable blends and flavors. Kouchnir continues, “With the immense amount of new flavored vodkas available today, it was important that we create flavors that bartenders could trust when crafting cocktails. Through the help of one of the world’s most influential bartenders, and by working with 100% natural flavors and seasonal ingredients, we are extremely excited to see what inventive cocktails are created in the on-premise using ABSOLUT CRAFT.”
Absolut Craft Herbaceous Lemon will launch in select markets in April, packaged in silver-grey 750 ml bottles that highlight the iconic bottle shape of Absolut. Look out for the other two profiles emerging later in the year.
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