September 11-15, 2017

Bacardi Cuts Water Use in Half

Bacardi Limited has cut water usage by nearly 50 percent and reduced both energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 33 percent over the past six years. The water saved is equivalent to providing a glass of water to every person on the planet. Reductions were achieved through a combination of conservation measures that included more efficient equipment and greater use of renewable energy sources.

These and other industry-leading practices are detailed in “Our Spirit is Clear,” the latest Bacardi Limited Corporate Responsibility (CR) Report, released online at
This new digital report embodies the Company’s forward-looking commitment to reduce both its carbon footprint and impact on the earth’s natural resources.
“When Bacardi sets out to do something, we do it with trust, caring, passion and excellence. These core values have been a part of the Bacardi DNA for more than 150 years,” said Ed Shirley, President and CEO of Bacardi Limited, the world’s largest privately held spirits company. “We’re committed to continuously improving our products, processes, people and corporate citizenship. We aim to chart a new path in sustainable business practices. Our goal is to set the standard against which sustainability efforts in the spirits industry are measured.”
Social responsibility has been a foundation of Bacardi since before the family-owned company’s establishment in 1862. Don Facundo Bacardí Massó initiated and lived this commitment when he volunteered to lead disaster relief efforts in his hometown of Santiago de Cuba following a devastating earthquake in 1852. Since then, Bacardi has built on the tradition established by Don Facundo, the creator of BACARDÍ rum.
“Responsibility is embedded in all aspects of our business. We actively seek measurable ways to improve efficiency, reduce environmental impact and support our grower communities, all while promoting responsible consumption of our brands,” said Eric Kraus, Senior Vice President, Chief Communications and Corporate Affairs Officer, who oversees all Bacardi Limited Corporate Responsibility initiatives.
“Consumers recognize us as an industry leader because of our commitment to the best uses of the resources with which we’ve been entrusted,” added Shirley.
Bacardi focuses its award-winning CR efforts in five key areas: Marketplace; Environment, Health & Safety; Responsible Sourcing; People; and Philanthropy & Community Involvement. Significant accomplishments in fiscal 2012 include:
 ·      Increased awareness of the “Champions Drink Responsibly” social
    responsibility campaign by engaging 100,000 consumers in 35 countries
    with the “Ace Rafa” promotion featuring tennis great Rafael Nadal
 ·      Published new digital marketing guidelines; launched via a new social
    responsibility e-learning module
Environment, Health & Safety
 ·      Achieved a 49.4 percent reduction in water use since 2006; water use
    efficiency improved by 11 percent, compared to fiscal 2011
 ·      Awarded the Carbon Trust Standard for Bacardi UK operations after
    reducing carbon footprint by more than 12 percent over three years (a
    decrease in emissions equivalent to taking 1,128 cars off the road per
    year) by the Carbon Trust, an organization dedicated to low carbon and
    energy-saving technologies; Bacardi operations globally reduced carbon
    emissions by nearly 18 percent during the same period
Responsible Sourcing
 ·      Increased the number of global point-of-sale suppliers that meet its
    responsible sourcing standards to 70 percent, a 25 percent gain from
    previous fiscal year
 ·      Registered 257 Bacardi Limited supplier sites with Sedex®, a group
    dedicated to improving responsible sourcing and ethical business
    practices in global supply chains; this is a five percent increase over
    previous year
 ·      Rolled out a Global Performance Management system to 3,800 employees in
    seven languages
 ·      Filled 70 percent of open management-level positions with internal
    talent; expanded talent reviews to cover the majority of the top levels
    of Bacardi Limited, comprising nearly 700 employees
Philanthropy & Community Involvement
 ·      Teamed up with Bat Conservation International to support the United
    Nations-backed International Year of the Bat campaign with a public
    service announcement to celebrate bats of the world and raise awareness
    of their environmental and economic benefits
 ·      Continued to align reporting with the LBG (formerly London
    Benchmarking Group) model to standardize the management and measurement
    of its community involvement and contributions in cash and in-kind
    donations, time volunteered and management costs; further fostered
    healthy and vibrant communities where Bacardi employees work and live
Bacardi Limited observes Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines in
the areas of economic, environmental, social and governance performance to
support the existing Bacardi commitment to the United Nations Global
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