September 11-15, 2017

Introducing Grateful Dead Coffee

Grateful Dead Productions and Chez Ray Sewell are delighted to announce the arrival of Grateful Dead Coffee. The coffee – organic, fair trade, kosher, culturally authentic – rolls out with four new roasts:  Morning Brew Roast, Turn On Your Love Lite Roast, Load-Out Roast, and Drop Dead Dark Roast.

Chez Ray, the Grateful Dead’s long-time touring chef, has created Headliners’ Organic Coffees, in collaboration with master roaster Paul Thornton of Coffee Bean International (CBI). Together, they bring an artist’s interpretation to each roast.  Chez Ray’s extended association with the Grateful Dead gives him a unique perspective from which to design these distinctive and imaginative coffees. Chez Ray’s storied history touring with the Grateful Dead has led him full circle back to his roots – “from beats to beans,” as he likes to put it.

“Creating this coffee has been a way to pay tribute to my years with the Grateful Dead,” says Chez Ray. “Each roast is unique in a way that reflects the music and the history.  Load-Out Roast, for example, was designed for the worker bees, the roadies, who sometimes have to work all day or all night. High caffeine and low acid makes it the perfect brew for them. Each roast is carefully crafted so that you can taste the journey – and experience the history.”  

“I am so grateful to have the opportunity to develop this extraordinary Grateful Dead Coffee in alliance with Grateful Dead and Rhino Entertainment. They’ve been very supportive of my creative vision and teaming with them has been incredible.  But above all, I would like to thank the Grateful Dead for decades of inspiration.”

“Working with Chez Ray to create a Grateful Dead organic coffee is a perfect fit based on Chez Ray’s deep knowledge of the band and understanding of the type of products we strive to deliver to our fans and consumers,” said David Lemieux, legacy manager for the Grateful Dead.  “The coffee blends are tasteful and appealing, giving consumers a unique option for their morning brews.”

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