September 11-15, 2017

Mike's Gets Into Cider & Lager

Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co. is rolling entries into new categories, beer and cider, and providing new ways for consumers to enjoy their favorite Mike’s Hard Lemonade flavors. Innovations from the brandinclude:
• Mike’s Authentic Shandy hard lemonade and lager - a blend of Mike's Hard Lemonade and golden lager
• Mike’s Hard Smashed Apple Cider - Two naturally fermented ciders made with crisp Washington apples
• Mike’s Hard Lemonade Frozen - As the name suggests, frozen versions of traditional Mike's flavors
• Mike’s Hard Blood Orange – a hard take on orange-flavored beverages
“Mike’s is synonymous with innovation and an unrelenting drive to create best in class products. We are constantly looking for new ways to delight consumers’ and satisfy their ever evolving tastes across many different drinking occasions,” said Kevin Kotecki, president, Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co. “This year, we are proud to introduce our very first beer, mike’s authentic shandy. I believe it is simply the most refreshing beer ever brewed. In addition, we are entering the cider segment with mike’s Smashed Apple Cider, so delicious that consumers prefer it three to one versus the leading cider. Lastly, the number one brand in the flavored malt beverage segment, mike’s hard lemonade, will now be available in frozen pouches featuring mike’s superior flavors, smooth texture and non-sticky pouches.”
Marking Mike's debut in the world of beer, Mike’s Authentic Shandy starts with real Mike’s Hard Lemonade then adds crisp golden lager fora  blended, sessionable beverage experience. Rather than adding lemon flavoring to beer, mike’s mixes in its very own hard lemonade to guarantee a taste that holds true to the original shandy blend served in pubs and bars around the world.

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