September 11-15, 2017

DRY Soda Launches in Cans

DRY Soda has announced its biggest product line extension to date with the launch of new packaging and flavors. DRY will offer a new 12-ounce slim aluminum can and introduce two new flavors this summer: Apple DRY and Ginger DRY.

In addition to the Apple and Ginger, DRY will also offer three current flavors in cans: Vanilla Bean, Blood Orange, and Cucumber DRY. Seven DRY flavors are available in 12 oz. glass bottles: Vanilla Bean, Wild Lime, Lavender, Blood Orange, Cucumber, Rhubarb, and Juniper Berry.

“I am so excited for the launch of the cans and new flavors and the opportunity for DRY to be more accessible to people looking for a better soda,” said DRY Soda CEO Sharelle Klaus. “We continue to see consumers and policymakers getting more involved and educated about what ingredients are in food and beverage products. I developed DRY because I believe in offering a better soda option to consumers and am thrilled that DRY has been available for the growing group of customers seeking a low sugar soda.”

The development of the new Apple and Ginger DRY flavors was led by Chef Richard Blais, television personality, restaurateur and author, and DRY’s creative director.

“It has been a blast to work with Sharelle and the DRY team to develop new flavors, and be able to offer consumers an all-natural, less-sweet soda in a time when people are looking for a smarter soda and alternative to the traditional options,” said Blais.

DRY Soda cans will be available throughout the United States in traditional and specialty retail stores, restaurants, cafes, and online, beginning this month. The cans will be sold individually at retailers for $1.29.


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