September 11-15, 2017
Category: Packaging

Faster Bag-In-Box Solution Introduced

Developed through a strategic alliance between Sealed Air’s Cryovac food packaging brand and International Dispensing Corporation (IDC), the IDC/Cryovac SpeedFlex Bag-in-Box system is described as "a superior alternative to existing bag-in-box packaging, offering operational efficiency advantages including bag filling speeds of three times that of standard aseptic bag-in-box fillers."
The IDC/Cryovac SpeedFlex Bag-in-Box offering includes a complete system solution comprised of equipment, bag-in-box packaging materials, customizable dispensing fitments including proprietary IDC technology and industry-leading customer support from Sealed Air’s Food Care division. The solution, FDA accepted for aseptic packaging of low acid food and beverage products, is optimized for high-volume processors of liquids such as dairy, flavorings, fruit purees, juices, sauces, smoothies and ice cream mixes, tea and coffees. 
The new IDC/Cryovac SpeedFlex Bag-in-Box system achieves filling speeds of up to 30 bags per minute for low acid aseptic applications and offers the versatility to fill a variety of bag sizes or bags with different tap/spout configurations. In addition, operations benefit from the equipment’s small footprint – the system occupies less space than the multiple machines it replaces – and efficient changeover capabilities that help minimize production downtime. Available remote diagnostics tools further enhance options for customized technical service and system optimization. 
“Speed of filling is a critical operational factor for beverage manufacturers, particularly for those who must deliver the high volumes demanded by customers in the foodservice industry, but package performance is equally important,” said Myra Foster, executive director, global fluids sector, Sealed Air’s Food Care division. “This system delivers unmatched speed and efficiency while also providing the peace of mind that comes from partnering with Sealed Air, a company with a history of more than 30 years of providing industry-leading Cryovac brand high barrier packaging for liquid food and beverage products.”
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