September 11-15, 2017
Category: Ingredients

POM Launches Industrial Pomegranate Partnership Program

POM Wonderful announced Wednesday the official launch of its Industrial Pomegranate Partnership Program which deploys food scientists from the POM Innovation & Tech Center to help interested companies develop new and innovative pomegranate-based products. 
Product developers and flavor experts at the state-of-the-art POM Innovation & Tech Center in Del Rey have already begun working with global category leaders across multiple industries to help them bring new pomegranate-based products to market.  
The POM industrial team will help its corporate partners use seven different POM ingredients to develop new products and flavors: 100 percent juice concentrate, POMx extract powder, POMx extract liquid, juice concentrate powder, juice-infused arils, freeze-dried arils and Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) arils.
And those partnerships are already bearing fruit. Food scientists from POM have already partnered with customers to develop pomegranate-infused fruit smoothies, frozen yogurts, baked goods, trail mix, salad toppings, ice cream flavors, cereals, sauces, marinades and nutritional supplements such as soft chews, capsules, tablets and gels. 
“There are a lot of wonderful possibilities,” said Kyle Redfield, POM Wonderful’s Vice President and General Manager of Global Produce. “Our company is more than a supplier of fresh pomegranates and the maker of America’s top-selling premium refrigerated juice. We’re committed to being a collaborative, long-term partner in the development of cost-effective, healthy pomegranate products across a number of categories. We can leverage our experience to help our customers create delicious products. Our ingredients team is already sharing its knowledge with Fortune 500 companies and other food industry partners who are interested in using POM ingredients to capitalize on the pomegranate’s ever-growing popularity. We invite other companies to take advantage of this unique service to do the same.”
The POM Innovation & Tech Center provides cutting-edge leadership in creating new products; but unlike many other corporate innovation centers used exclusively to develop their parent company’s product lines, the POM Wonderful Innovation & Tech Center is committed to helping its partners develop their own branded products. The Industrial Pomegranate Partnership Program is an effort to collaborate with leading grocers, retailers, restaurants, dietary supplement makers, food and beverage companies, and other finished product marketers to create new twists on the healthful fruit.
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