September 11-15, 2017

WAT-AAH! to Launch Sparkling Line

The new "WAT-AAH! Party" line of products includes five SKUs infused with natural fruit essences such as lemon, lime, grapefruit and raspberry-lime as well as an unflavored variety. Staying true to the brand's identity, all of the products are functional, containing natural electrolytes, and have no sugar, calories or artificial sweeteners. They are available in 16.9 oz PET/BPA free bottles in 12-pack cases.

When developing and naming the products, WAT-AAH!'s CEO and founder, Rose Cameron, once again asked her sons for help. Five years ago, they originally named the brand and designed the screaming boy logo. This time, because of their love for music and dance, the boys named the products "Party, Twist, Electro, Tango and Boogie!" The copy on the back of the labels was also inspired by them and for one product, they dictated,  "La Di Da Di, we like to party! Pop without the drop, fizz without the frenzy and shizz without the sugar."

Also featured on the label, WAT-AAH!'s iconic logo is surrounded by small bubbles to indicate that it is sparkling water. The brand's name is featured against a fun graphic treatment of multi-color rays reminiscent of the fruits selected. 

"We are all about making the healthiest drink, WATER, the #1 choice for hydration among kids and teens. We are very excited to offer them a new way to enjoy it  this time with fizz and a hint of natural fruit essences," says Rose Cameron. "And with the theme of music and dance, this new line-up will continue to further our mission to make health and water undeniably cool to this young party-loving generation!" 

The "WAT-AAH! Party" line will begin rolling out in schools and major supermarkets nationwide in January 2014. It will be supported by an outdoor, print and social media campaign in key markets through the spring.

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