September 11-15, 2017
Category: Ingredients

Sensory Solutions in Munich

At drinktec 2013 last month, ingredients suppliers presented the latest solutions for modern beverage formulation.

Wild Juices
Wild presented a range of juices with a clearly defined origin.

Each of the different blends—Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and the Amazon—are a composition of well known and popular fruits such as orange and pineapple, along with selected exotic fruits from that continent or region. The fruits featured in each juice are commonly used in the respective area. The point of distinction here is that the fruits’ origin can be indicated on the product label.

Most Important Meal of the Day
Beneo showcased a ready-to-drink coffee made with its Palatinose  and Orafti HSI (Highly Soluble Inulin) products. Palatinose provides full carbohydrate energy in a balanced way, resulting in a low glycemic effect while the prebiotic fiber inulin can help to improve the digestive system. It also showcased a vanilla-flavored rice drink containing its dairy alternative Nutriz, made from rice based ingredients that are 100 percent vegetable. Nutriz is hypoallergenic and free of gluten and lactose.  

Natural Colors
Döhler showcased its entire spectrum of natural colors at drinktec. Döhler offers coloring concentrates, as well as coloring and cloud emulsions with, what it says are the greatest stability and “outstanding sensory properties.” With the new “Crystal Clear Colors” range, Döhler offers carotenoid-based colors with bright, strong orange and yellow shades. The formulation technology, which is patent pending, allows the use of colors with a neutral taste profile and the highest stability in transparent beverages, entirely without the addition of artificial ingredients, for the first time.

Sweet Solutions
Nutrinova showcased Qorus, a sweetener system to help beverage formulators balance sweetness and flavor while masking off-notes, intended for use in reduced and no-calorie beverages and dairy products. It also offers Sunett acesulfame potassium (Ace-K) sweeteners. 

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