September 11-15, 2017
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Stand Outs

Packaging is all about getting noticed, and this was clearly evident in this year’s Global Packaging Design Awards. Brands are faced with trying to capture the attention of consumers in a marketplace filled with a dizzying array of products.  And, as this year’s winners show, they are doing so through innovative use of color, creative graphic design, and breakthrough special effects. At the same time, there were plenty of updated takes on more traditional packages in an effort to appeal to long-time, loyal consumers.

Once again, this year’s winners are divided by beverage category—Spirits, New Age/Functional, Beer, Wine, Kids and Energy Drinks—with Special Jury Awards going to Best Closure, Flexible Packaging and Overall Redesign.

And now on to this year’s winners!


Old English Gin
Parent Company: International Spirits and Wines LLC, Mt. Kisco, New York
Design Firm: Uffe Lind, Copenhagen, Denmark
Key Packaging Supplier: A.E. Chapman, London, UK

Bold, yet classy. That’s how we describe our choice for Best in Show this year. This strong update on classic design sealed the deal for us (along with its organic wax seal). Old English Gin is made from a recipe from 1783 and small batch and handmade as in that same year. It is also distilled on the oldest pot still in England and then bottled as in 1783. Other authenitic touches from the 18th Century: The bottle has a natural cork stopper and uses a silk screen print with hidden messages as in 1783 (referring to the founder of Hammer & Son Ltd. and the secret botanical that forms the gin). Mysterious!

Oregon Single Malt Vodka
Parent Company: Rogue Spirits, Newport, Ore.
Design Firm: Rogue Spirits
Key Packaging Supplier: United/Tri-S

From ground to glass, Rogue Farms Oregon Single Malt Vodka is 100% Rogue. As the company explains: “It has always been a pillar of our small Revolution to handcraft world-class products in world-class packaging. As a requirement and challenge for ourselves each and every creation has to be unique, understandable, unexpected, simple, interesting, meaningful and ultimately speak for itself. Serigraphed-painted labels, bottle-cap closure and swing-tops are all details that serve a purpose for our fellow Rogues—the retailers, consumers and Rogue Nation citizens—that support the Rogue revolution across the World.”

Infuse Vodka
Parent Company: Infuse Vodka
Design Firm: Internal Designers: John Fandl & Seth Benhaim
Key Packaging Supplier: Oberk Co., Nothern Las Vegas Bottling Co.

Infuse Vodka says its packaging “proudly displays the very fruit used to flavor each bottle. The design of our product had to reflect the very nature of how we perceived infusion from the start. Our vision of a modern vodka coupled with a naturally flavored infusion process that could be visually pleasing led us to design a window to view the floating fruits and spices for each bottle, while still representing its unique and earthly essence. The Infuse tree is a symbol for our brand, a medley of flavors from the earth itself. We use ingredients straight from real farmers and hand place them into each bottle.”



Parent Company: RealBeanz LLC
Design Firm: KZ Ceative Group Inc, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Key Packaging Supplier: World Pack

RealBeanz designed its packaging to stand out on the shelf and grab attention. “It differentiates from those around it and never blends in with the crowd,” the company says. “When a consumer picks up the product, the package design and message always engages them.”

Parent Company: SIPP eco beverage co., Inc.
Design Firm:  Sandstrom Partners, Portland, Ore.
Key Packaging Supplier: Taylor Made Labels

Positioned alongside a variety of juices, sodas, and non-traditional beverages, SIPP organic soda stands out among the rest as sophisticated, elegant, smooth and clean, says the company. The simplicity of the label and packaging complements the natural, easy taste of the sparkling beverage, attracting the eco-chic consumer seeking a refreshing, light, and slightly sweet drink.

Saratoga Sparkling Essence
Parent Company: Saratoga Spring Water Co.
Design Firm:  Saratoga Spring Water Co.
Key Packaging Suppliers: Vitro Packaging; Keystone Paper & Box

Saratoga Sparkling Essence has been completely redesigned for 2013 with vivid colors and visual cues that the product inside contains no colors or sweeteners. “We feel [it] is very unique in the flavored sparkling water category,” says the company. “The design stands out from the usual “wrap labeled” plastic soft drink bottles in the category and communicates the premium nature of our product very well. “


Loko Rita
Parent Company:  Phusion Projects, LLC, Chicago, Ill.
Design Firm: Designed in-house by Graphics Team (Brian Willette and Jason Sato)
Key Packaging Suppliers: Rexam

Loko Rita was designed to appeal to the celebration of the five human senses: hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch. “Loko Rita’s sensory optimized can delivers a distinctive experience to consumers that makes it stand out in comparison to our competitors,” it says. Phusion uses colorful artwork and adds another layer of intrigue with the raised textured feel of the can, encouraging consumers to “touch” the product.

The Carlton Draught Keg Can
Parent Company: Carlton and United Breweries
Design Firm: Cowan (Melbourne, Australia); Designer: James McDermid
Key Packaging Suppliers: Amcor

Cowan Melbourne has redesigned the Carlton Draught can to allow consumers to bring the Aussie pub experience into their own homes. “It’s so exciting to be able to work with new technologies” says James McDermid, head of 3D at Cowan. “The freedom to explore and push the boundaries of what’s creatively possible for the brand is always a fantastic challenge”.

The ‘hoops’ that run horizontally around the can give both the visual impression of a full size beer keg and also help to reduce ovality (the tendency for the aluminium to squash during pressing).

Heavy Seas Beer --Unchartered Waters Series
Parent Company:  Clipper City Brewing Company
Design Firm:  Bevel Design, Inc., Towson, Md.
Key Packaging Suppliers: Label Printers - Inland Label, Wisconsin
Box Printers - Green Bay Packaging, Baltimore, Md. Caps - Crown Cork and Seal. Bottles - Anchor Glass

Bevel Design is passionate about two things: great design and great beer. When Hugh Sisson, managing partner of Clipper City Brewing paid the company a visit to discuss his new product line, Uncharted Waters, Bevel says “we couldn’t help but salivate.” Bevel’s in-house illustrator created a crew of flavorful characters—rich in color and warm in tone. Vintage nautical charts and an antique barrel texture help to push the aging process messaging and serve as a backdrop for the brand’s overall nautical theme.

Loser Pale Ale
Parent Company: Elysian Brewing Company
Design Firm: Elysian Brewing’s Graphic Designer - Corinne McNielly
Key Packaging Suppliers:
Richmark Label, Seattle, Wash.

“Our Loser Pale Ale doesn’t care if you like it’s packaging,” says Elysian. “Its black and white concert ‘stamp’ branding stands out like a happily sore thumb on the shelf, and gets peoples’ attention.  We’re all Losers sometimes, and often in a great way.

“We think Loser’s a Winner! It’s got attitude and really pops on the shelf!,” Elysian says.



Aqua Ball Naturally Flavored Water
Parent Company:  True Drinks, Inc.
Design Firm:  KerkerMurray Design, Redondo Beach, Calif.
Key Packaging Supplier: Hammer Packaging

AquaBall features a round, spherical patented PET bottle that is unique to the marketplace, making the product easy for children to hold and play with. The shape of the bottle makes AquaBall stand out against traditional bottles of water or kid’s juice boxes. Then, to make the AquaBall even more fun for kids and parents, True Drinks, Inc. has a license with Disney and Marvel to feature many of America’s most beloved cartoon characters, princesses, and super heroes in big bright colors on the bottle.

“Its bright, colorful, and creative packaging really allows AquaBall to stand out in a market crowded with sugary competitors,” says the brand.

Vita Coco Kids
Parent Company:  Vita Coco / All Market Inc
Design Firm:  Moxie TM Inc., New York, N.Y.
Key Packaging Suppliers: Tetra Pak

The children’s beverage aisle is saturated with artificial drinks packaged with bright and clumsy graphics. Vita Coco says it was looking to change that with the launch of Vita Coco Kids. Working with Moxie TM Inc., a brand design and development firm, the new beverage retained the whimsical and quirky personality of the core brand which balanced the better-for-you message for parents while being engaging for kids. Moxie TM designed every consumer touch point from branding, packaging, web and consumer collateral for this launch, which included illustrating all of the characters.

Little Me Tea
Parent Company: Big Time Tea
Design Firm: Can I Have Your Attention, advertising + branding. Miami Beach, Fla.
Key Packaging Supplier: Tetra Pak

“We wanted Little Me Tea to be fun, fresh and bold with bright colors to appeal to children,” the brand says. “But we also wanted packaging that would appeal to parents, with which they could have an emotional connection.” That’s why the company chose smiling/laughing children for its covers instead of typical cartoon characters or shiny fruit. The imagery helps it conveys a wholesome, organic family product.



The Wine Farer Series
Parent Company:  Bibe-dum Wine Ltd.
Design Firm: YG Design - Argentina

The designer’s objective was to develop the product’s concept, name and identity for a brand portfolio. The concept focuses on a traveller who explores the world searching for the best white wine blends. In this case, he arrives in South Africa where he meets William Mostert, an artist and a winemaker.

Chateau de Berne
Parent Company:  Terres de Berne estate; Imported by International Spirits and Wines LLC, Mt.Kisco, New York
Design Firm: Home Design, Chateau de Berne, Lorgues, France
Key Packaging Supplier: Saverglass

“Our square bottle is modeled after the tower at the winery that dates back to the Middle Ages, St. Bernard, and French history,” says the brand. “The sleek square bottle is unique and revolutionary in the Provence Rose category. It is an eye-catching package that has been producing outstanding consumer response and sales growth in France and is now being brought to U.S. markets by International Spirits & Wines.”

Beringer Moscatos Sparkling Wines
Parent Company:  Beringer
Design Firm: Sterling Creativeworks, Napa, Calif.

The well-established Beringer brand needed a fresh new look for its line of sparkling wines. Sterling Creativeworks designed a package to reflect the fun appeal of the bubbly, while also maintaining the established brand essence of Beringer. The clear label allows the appetizing color of the beverage to shine through, while the bubble graphic adds a sense of play and taste sensation to the design.



Monster Energy  Zero Ultra
Parent Company: Monster Beverage Corp.
Design Firm: While the tactile can design concept and execution process were developed in house, there were two key vendors who assisted in bringing this can concept to market: INX International (Tactile Ink Development); PPG Industries (Tactile Over-varnish Development)

From fashion and cell phones to high-end watches and custom cars, both men and women in the know are choosing white, Monster says. Zero Ultra’s all white look capitalizes on this trend and then goes one step further with the use of tactile inks to give the can a frosted look and great feel in the hand. Finally, the can was finished with a hand drawn filigree pattern.

Monster Rehab —  Tea +Pink Lemonade
Parent Company: Monster Beverage Corp.

“Inside every can of Monster Energy Rehab is a rejuvenating blend of vitamins and energy to help get you back on track any time you find yourself needing a little help in the recovery department,” the company says. “With beneficial ingredients like electrolytes, goji berry extract, coconut water and full daily values of B12 and B6 on the inside we set out to create a can graphic that properly reflects the beneficial burst of refreshment provided by each can. Just as the signature color burst graphic suggests, Rehab will Refresh, Rehydrate, Revive.”

Quad Energy
Parent Company:  The Double Cola Co.
Design Firm:  The Double Cola Co.
Key Packaging Supplier:  Rexam

Quad Energy, Double Cola’s brand new energy drink line, has the potential to stand out, not just for its name or unique flavors. Quad Energy’s bold packaging design sports powerful visuals. The “Q” symbol and strong colors on the front of the 16-ounce can immediately show off the brand. The “Q”, the first character in the wordmark, serves as the icon in the logo. The company says this symbol visually represents going full circle with constant energy. The Quad Energy logo is white on all cans, making the brand uniform among the five different flavors. Also, the white logo is an extreme contrast to the background charcoal color of the can, which was primarily chosen for masculine appeal.



Parent Company: Big Easy Blends
Design Firm: Michael Osborne Design, San Francisco
Key Packaging Supplier:  Lihong Packaging

Cordina underwent a redesign to differentiate it from competitors. “Our solution was simple: take advantage and use the power of something the other brands can never imitate or copy, namely, New Orleans itself [where the brand is from],” say the designers. An illustration of the Big Easy includes iconic imagery, like a street sign for the fictitious corner of “Cordina and Bourbon” streets.” Color-coding for clear flavor communication is accomplished through changes in the illustration, and on the top third of the pouch surrounding new Cordina logotype.

Helles Golden Lager’s use of Crown’s 360 End beverage can technology
Parent Company: Sly Fox Brewing Co., Pottstown, Pa.
Key Packaging Supplier: Crown Holdings, Inc.

With the April launch of, its ninth canned beer, Sly Fox Brewing Co. of Pottstown, Pa. becomes the first brewery in North America to utilize the innovative 360 End beverage can technology developed by Crown Holdings, Inc. The entire end of the can is removable, turning it into a drinking vessel, eliminating the need for glassware.

New Gatorade G Series 02
Perform Bottle Design
Parent Company: PepsiCo
Design Firm:  Tether Inc.

PepsiCo has launched a new bottle design for its sports fuel brand Gatorade. The objective was to develop a design that is premium, athletic, functionally superior, and own-able. A shrink label was added that prevents water trapping which users had previously complained about on the original bottle which can make a mess while drinking, especially if the bottle was cooled in ice.

Grooves were designed into bottle structure to enable a solid feel despite a reduced package weight. The new bottle uses 13 percent less plastic than the incumbent bottle and enabled the transition to a tray-shrink shipping package, resulting in a 50 percent reduction in secondary packaging weight.

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