September 11-15, 2017

Radeberger Launches BraufactuM Line

Radeberger Gruppe USA has announced the launch of BraufactuM, a line of eight micro-brewed beers, and the first craft beer collection from Germany. The eight new craft beers, developed by BraufactuM’s Master Brewer Marc Rauschmann, will be released individually throughout 2014. Roog, a smoked wheat beer, is the first of the collection to be released in November 2013.

“In 2009, Master Brewer, Marc Rauschmann, embarked on a worldwide trip aimed at rediscovering beer,” says Sascha Brand, Radeberger’s VP of marketing." He and his team traveled to the beer capitals of the world to scout out the most unusual brewing processes, creative recipes and unconventional beer philosophies across the globe. Their journey culminated in a belief that it was time for Germany to be part of the worldwide craft beer movement adding a new dimension of creativity to the German market.”

The BraufactuM portfolio includes a range of eight individual craft beers that are brewed in strict accordance with the German Beer Purity Law and free from any artificial aromas. Each beer, Radeberger says, is unique in terms of taste, aroma, recipe, carefully selected natural ingredients and brewing process. Roog, the first BraufactuM product to launch, is a fresh take on traditional smoked beer, which typically offers a strong, smoky flavor that stems from the malt that is uniquely kiln-dried over open beech fire. Roog has eased the intense flavor without stripping the beer of its typical characteristics, by forming a harmonious balance of smoke, wheat beer and the unique malt flavors. An overtone of orange zest, clove and banana is present throughout, and overlaid by flavors of juniper, wood-smoked ham and a hint of candied almonds.

Rauschmann, who first began experimenting with brewing beer in an old copper laundry cauldron, later studied at the Berlin Research Institute for Brewing and Malting Technology and joined the Radeberger Gruppe in 2001. As master brewer, he was responsible for quality management, technology and product development, and began to experiment with new and unusual brewing techniques in search of a unique, top-quality product.

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