September 11-15, 2017
Category: Supply Chain

Rehrig Launches PubKeg 1/6 Barrel Rental Solution

Rehrig Pacific Company, has launched ist new Pubkeg Program, a per-trip 1/6th barrel rental solution for breweries and wineries. The new PUBKEG Program allows breweries and wineries to ship full kegs while Rehrig handles their tracking, return and recycling.

The PUBKEG Program is a flexible solution that can help increase sales, expand geographic reach, reduce costs and free up capital allowing companies to serve more customers with an attractive, predictable COGS. Rehrig's PubKeg Program provides a new and pristine package to deliver products into the market with confidence. The retailer or wholesaler recycles the interior bottle— and Rehrig does the rest.

"With low deposit fees, low lost equipment charges and no exclusivity, the PUBKEG Program compliments and quickly expands brewer's existing cooperage floats, saves precious capital and lowers fees throughout the supply chain. PUBKEGS truly are the best 1/6th barrel packaging solution." says Leslie LeMair, Industry Manager - beer, wine and spirits, Rehrig Pacific Company. "Rely on Rehrig to reduce worries about keg management so you can focus on production and opening new markets coast to coast for your beer or wine."

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