September 11-15, 2017

Expo Highlights Africa’s Soaring Beverage Market

African beverage sales are expected to increase by almost 30% by 2017, along with parallel growth of 22% in the continent’s beverage packaging sector. The continent’s beverage market faces some challenges, but these are easily offset by the sheer volume of demand and massive new opportunities it brings.
This year’s DrinkTech Africa expo hosts its own industry conference for the first time, alongside Africa’s Big Seven (AB7), the world famous food and beverage exhibition. The event will provide valuable insights on the trends, challenges and massive opportunities spreading across Africa’s ‘New Frontier’ markets as its middle class consumer population expands.
The one-day conference, titled Spotlight on Beverage & Liquid Food Manufacturing and Marketing in Africa: ADrinkTech Conference, takes place on 24 June 2014, alongside theAB7 , the Continent’s largest food and beverage trade industry event.
Drink Tech Africa encompassesbottled water, carbonated drinks, hot drinks, beer, wine and spirits, milk and liquid dairy products, liquid food, fruit juices, energy drinks, wellness drinks and all other splinter segments of the beverage market.Jolanda van de Spreng, Managing Director of VDS Mediaand organiser of the conferencesays: “The conference will focus on development and growth in the African beverage value chain – encompassing raw materials, filling, flavouring, marketing, manufacturing, packaging, machinery, and end usage.
Complex and Diverse Markets
“The beverage market is no longer only driven by the consumers’ mere need for refreshment. It’s driven by the market demands for product variety, diversity and innovation,” says van de Spreng. “Thisis influenced by a whole host of factors – such as taste, packaging, sustainability, andtrends.As a result, the market has become extremely complex. Beverage producers, markets and manufacturers need to constantlykeep in touch with market needs and trends, and develop innovativenew products to stay ahead of their competitors.
“The DrinkTechAfrica conference is an important developmental tool for companies wanting to tap into the lucrative African beverage market,” adds van de Spreng.
Just one example of product innovationisglobal beverage company SIG Combibloc.
The company expectsits aseptic carton and filling business to grow ‘exponentially’ in Africa due tosoaring consumer demand for long-life dairy products.Since 2001, its turnover has grownby up to 35% per year in the Middle East and Africa.
Conference Programme
Topics to be addressed at the Confernece include:
§  The African Beverage Market: An Industry Overview
§  Trends Fuelling the International and Domestic Beverage Market
§  Adding Value to Beverage Packaging: Who is in the Driver’s Seat?
§  How to Improve Recyclability: Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Beverage and Liquid Food Industry
§  2014: The Year of Revitalised Beverage Flavours?
§  Maximising Your Marketing Potential: An Insight into the Success Factors Encompassing the "Most Valuable" Beverage Brands
§  Beverage Consumer Trends: Key Drivers Influencing Consumer Purchasing Behaviour
§  Innovative New Product Development : Creating Beverages fit for the Future
More about AB7
To register or for further information on the DrinkTech Africa conference contact: VDS Media, Jolanda van de Spreng, Tel: +27 76 424 0831. Email:
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