September 11-15, 2017

Stoli to Distribute Achaval Ferrer Wines

Stoli Group USA has announced that they will exclusively represent Achaval Ferrer wines of Argentina in the U.S. market, effective immediately.  Achaval Ferrer, founded in 1998, is one of Argentina’s premier producers and consistently achieves top ratings. Stoli Group USA is a wholly-owned entity of SPI Group, the spirits company that owns Stolichnaya vodka, and which also acquired a majority stake in Achaval Ferrer in 2011. 
“We are thrilled to have this prestigious Argentine producer join our portfolio of vodkas from Stolichnaya,” stated John Esposito, President of Stoli Group USA. “Achaval Ferrer fits nicely into our planned portfolio, focusing on premium and super-premium brands, and sets the highest standard for Malbecs and Malbec blends.”
The agreement positions Stoli Group USA to manage the strategic branding and distribution of Achaval Ferrer on a national basis.  Stoli Group USA is actively building their wine salesforce in regional markets, reporting directly to Tom Schlachtenhaufen, Senior Vice President of Sales.  The company also plans to align distribution with the Stolichnaya portfolio of brands where it makes sense.
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