September 11-15, 2017

Left Hand Hires National Chain Sales Manager

With the first quarter coming to a close, Longmont, Colo.'s Left Hand Brewing Co. has increased its staff from 85 to 90, including the hire of new chain sales manager, Thomas Ruprecht. As Left Hand continues to expand production and distribution, Ruprecht will play a key role in assuring sales growth and developing partner relationships.

Formerly with New Planet Brewing (NPB),  Ruprecht comes to Left Hand with intensive national industry experience. During his time with NPB, Ruprecht cultivated the brewery's chain sales program, expanding distribution and growing the NPB sales force. Joining the Left Hand team, Ruprecht will take on a similar challenge, capitalizing on chain growth opportunities for the Top 50 craft brewery. Coming off a 32 percent barrelage increase in 2013 with production of 65,000 barrels, Left Hand says it is striving for 30 percent sales growth in 2014. “As Left Hand expands production capacity and explores new markets, solid chain relationships will be critical in sustaining our success.” says Ruprecht. “Together with our distributor partners, we’ll be working as a team with chains to identify and maximize opportunity.”

With last week’s successful market launch in Maryland and D.C. under his belt, Ruprecht is hitting the ground running toward his next course of action. “Ultimately, our goal is to get Left Hand to the customer. It’s all about finding where the craft beer drinker is shopping and getting to them as soon as possible with the beers that they are asking for,” he says. 


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