September 11-15, 2017

Drink Said to Enhance Dopamine Function

The company behind Aquadopa says it is the world’s first herbal supplement beverage to enhance dopamine function. Offering sensations of ambition and drive, Aquadopa gives users an experience not attainable with energy drinks or coffee, the brand says. Creator Dr. Andrew Hemmen, a board-certified internal medicine physician, believes the drink can help users obtain better living through enhanced brain function, naturally.
“I created Aquadopa as an herbal supplement to enhance the brain’s dopamine system,” said Hemmen. “I find dopamine is the most fascinating chemical in our brains because it facilitates our motivation and reward system. I believe that the higher levels of dopamine in humans have been the key to the success of humanity itself.”
The ingredient that separates Aquadopa from any other beverage on the market is an ancient Indian herb called Mucuna pruriens. This tropical legume is the only naturally occurring source of L-dopa, an amino acid. L-dopa is a precursor, or chemical “building block,” used by the human brain to produce the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine in the brain enables and facilitates the “executive functions” such as foresight, planning and execution, which combined represent “drive.” Going “Beyond Energy,” Aquadopa is the mood-elevating, success-facilitating “drive drink.”
“Mucuna pruriens is an herbal adaptogen that is known for its wide range of tonifying, strengthening and all-around beneficial properties,” Hemmen said. “Aquadopa is based on a healthy and effective dose of mucuna pruriens along with a supporting cast of herbs and amino acids to help support the L-dopa and dopamine function.”
In addition to mucuna pruriens, Aquadopa contains:
- Gingko biloba to increase brain circulation and clarity.
- Taurine, an amino acid to prevent the “crash” that comes from most caffeine-laden energy drinks. Great for cardiovascular function.
- Tyrosine, an amino acid that also fuels the dopamine system naturally.
“My goal has been to create a natural and healthy formula that could simply help people to be better … a supplement to help them go beyond their previous aspirations and dreams … a tool which enhances foresight (ambition) and provides the motivation to get there (drive). Aquadopa = AD = Ambition and Drive,” said Hemmen.
Aquadopa comes in a four-pack of 250ml (8.4 fl.oz.) cans and should be shaken well and chilled before serving. The uncarbonated, lightly caffeinated drink is naturally flavored with notes of ginger spice and a hint of coffee flavor. Aquadopa is 90 calories per serving. Aquadopa is available in limited markets and will soon be sold at Sprouts and throughout Southern California.
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