September 11-15, 2017
Category: Ingredients

Beverage Innovations for African Tastes

Attendees at last week's Food & Drink Technology Africa had the chance to see a wide range of beverage formulations tailored for the African market.
As am example, ingredient company WILD says it presented trendsetting beverage concepts for malt and beer mix drinks, carbonated soft drinks as well as ideas for still drinks custom-tailored to the African market. 
WILD had a special focus on the malt category, offering a broad spectrum of malt concepts, including solutions with varying malt content along with pure or flavored products. The portfolio is rounded out with innovative combinations of malt with fruit flavors. Concepts for beer mix drinks were another highlight for WILD at the trade fair. The combination of beer and fruit in beer mix drinks is an engine for growth in the sector. For this range, WILD displayed concepts such as “Cloudy Lemon” and “Pink Grapefruit” as well as versions with innovative taste profiles based on a harmonious blend with fruity flavors and juices.
Carbonated soft drinks are also high in demand in Africa. To create further growth on this market, WILD presented innovations featuring new taste profiles based on its patented fermentation technology. WILD concepts for still drinks also give manufacturers potential for further growth. The company highlighted its capabilities in this segment with product ideas including emulsion-based options as well as milk and juice variants. These solutions meet the demands of consumers in Africa who want premium-quality beverages which have a full-bodied taste. The most popular tastes are tropical fruits such as mango and guava. In addition, WILD showcased non-alcoholic crossover beverage concepts such as juice-based drinks with piña colada and sangria flavors.
Photo Caption: Be it malt beverages, carbonated soft drinks, beer mix drinks or still drinks, one ingredients company, WILD has a multitude of innovative beverage concepts for the African market that manufacturers can use to generate new growth.
Source: WILD/Fotolia 
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