September 11-15, 2017
Category: Supply Chain

New Walkie Rider Designed for Speed and Efficiency

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has introduced the PWR30 electric walkie end rider for the Latin American and Caribbean markets. This 2700 kg. capacity walkie end rider offers versatile and reliable solutions for a wide variety of applications, including low-level order picking, long distance transporting and loading and unloading trailers.

The PWR30 walkie end rider is designed for efficiency and speed. This end rider is built with value-added features, including:
Top Speed: The PWR30 achieves speeds up to 15.0 km/hr., helping operators get more done in less time. The PWR30 also features a high-output controller and optimized programming for quick acceleration and precise control.
Braking Efficiency: This electric walkie end rider is equipped with an electromagnetic braking system that increases reliability. During coasting and breaking, the responsive regenerative braking allows the end rider to come to a stop prior to the electromagnetic brake being applied, minimizing additional wear on the system.

 “Smart” Auto Reverse:  While all end riders are equipped with a directional reverse switch, the PWR30 is “smart”, because it only activates when the chassis is moving toward the operator. This means there will be no inadvertent lunging or acceleration when the end rider is at a standstill, which may reduce the risk of damage to product, racking or personnel.
Enhanced Ergonomics: With the spacious operator platform and ergonomic floor pad, operators can comfortably adjust their position throughout the day. The foot alcove allows for a wider stance to help ensure the operators’ feet are fully on the platform.

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