September 11-15, 2017

Tequila Brand Ready to Start the Party

Partida announced today the launch of an integrated communications program in the U.S. that will include public relations, social media, a website redesign, POS materials and digital advertising. The —‘Start the Party/Start the Partida'—encourages American consumers to enjoy Partida and have a good time. The new campaign will speak to the celebratory nature of Tequila, and play off the name Partida.

“In every bottle of Partida lies a party untapped,” says Gary Shansby, Founder, chairman and CEO of Partida Tequila LLC. “A Partida party can be any vibe that feels right for you; whether you’re into hanging at the beach, dancing in a club or entertaining friends at home.”

Kicking off with a vibrant video (available on select social media sites), Partida will continue to release videos throughout the summer with fun concepts to convey consumers enjoying Partida. The extensive re-design for the website will highlight a geo-mapping store locator along with a recipe list with videos. The website will have responsive technology that determines the user’s device (tablet, smartphone or computer) to create a seamless experience. The look and feel of the site is sleek and stylish to reflect the ‘Start the Party/Start the Partida’ campaign. POS supporting the campaign will begin rolling out over the spring and summer months, coinciding with digital media advertising.

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