September 11-15, 2017

New Vodka Inspired by Marquis de Sade

A new British import, Marquis Vodka, draws inspiration from the 17th century Libertine movement and the belief that, in order for the most basic freedoms to exist, unrestricted passion must first be embraced. The brand philosophy, the brand's marketers say, creates a world where vice should also be tempered by virtue. As such, Marquis Vodka donates 20 percent of its retail revenue to its charitable partners including Worldwide Orphans, Meals on Wheels, Trevor Project and Footprints.

Marquis Vodka is crafted at a small artisan distillery founded in 1895, nestled between Warsaw and the Ukrainian border in Poland. Marquis Vodka starts with hand-selected rye harvested and rectified from its in-house sustainable farm where its Master Distiller can control and oversee every aspect of production from its earliest stages. 

The initial distillation of Marquis Vodka's rectified spirit is conducted in a 100-year-old copper still. These classic distillation methods, the company says, "add a character that is truly distinctive and maintain the intricacies that separate Marquis Vodka from the rest of the category." Once the spirit reaches nearly 100 percent alcohol by volume, it is filtered through classic charcoal methods to remove any remaining impurities and is then finally cut with 60 percent water from the distillery's ancient limestone aquifer.


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