September 11-15, 2017

Busy Summer for Essentia Water

It’s a good thing they’re in the water business because the folks at Essentia are going to need to stay well hydrated with all of the activity the company’s got going on this summer.

Essentia Water has been expanding rapidly into U.S. Northeastern and Midwestern markets, having had a significant presence in the West for some time.

“We haven’t had much of a presence in the Northeast and we’re really concentrating right now on the Northeast and also the Midwest,” says Essentia founder and CEO Ken Uptain. “We’re making great progress and getting full coverage there.”

The company announced partnerships with Polar Beverage in New England, Central Beverage in the Chicago market and Bernick’s Beverages in the Minneapolis area.

The company also is the sole non-alcohol beverage sponsor of this summer’s Soulshine festival, which marries music and yoga and is headlined by West Coast jazz/funk/folk/hip-hop/reggae fusion musician Michael Franti.

“It fits in perfectly with our demographic, people into yoga and music, says Paul Curhan, Essentia’s VP of marketing and innovation.

The tour kicks off this month in Santa Barbara and runs into August. “We’re activating this in about 13 venues and the Northeast will be key markets for this tour,” adds Curhan. “We’ll be in New York, Boston and so forth. This is one of our key focuses this summer, really our key to building our brand and building Essentia.”

Another big initiative this summer is its mobile promotion, the Hydration Patrol. Field ambassadors will be sampling the product in key markets and the company has signed up what it’s called “brand influencers”—not celebrity endorsers per se, but prominent individuals, primarily women (the key Essentia demo) involved in yoga and their communities, as well as physicians.

“It’s going to be a great year for Essentia, for sure,” Uptain says

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