September 11-15, 2017

Water Brand Said to Receive First Fair Trade Certification

Castle Rock Water Co. in California announced it is the first bottled water company to receive the rigorous Fair for Life Social & Fair Trade certification. “As the first bottled water ever to become certified by Fair for Life, Castle Rock Water proudly leads the way in socially and environmentally responsible water,” the company released in a statement. “As consumers’ awareness and interest in sustainable products and services continues to grow, Castle Rock Water is committed to setting a precedent of eco-conscious practices for producing and consuming bottled water that the rest of the industry can follow.”

Castle Rock Water uses ecyclable glass packaging to ensure a reduced carbon footprint and to promote better health. As a joint venture with the city of Dunsmuir, California, Castle Rock Water constantly evaluates new innovations and technologies to leave the smallest environmental footprint.

“Castle Rock Water is proud to be the first bottled water company to become Fair for Life certified,” said Thomas Greither, president and CEO of Castle Rock Water Company. “We have always strived to ensure that the world-class quality of our water is also reflected in our environmental and social practices, and we look forward to continuing to set an example for water companies everywhere as a Fair for Life certified business.”

Fair for Life is a brand-neutral third party certification program for fair trade, which is administered by the Institute for Marketecology, an international agency for fair trade certification. Beyond promoting traditional fair trade values, the Fair for Life certification program requires ethical working conditions along the entire trade chain.

This announcement comes on the heels of Castle Rock Water Company’s victory at the 24th annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting, where it was awarded the title of World’s Best Bottled Water.

 Castle Rock Water Co. is a family-owned water company based in Dunsmuir, Calif., at the heart of the Shasta Cascade region. Castle Rock Water is sourced from the glaciers of Mt. Shasta and gravity fed to its facility in Dunsmuir to make the best bottled water in the world. Available still or sparking and in various sizes, Castle Rock Water contains no artificial nutrients and goes directly from glacier to glass, ensuring the purest quality product. Humanitarian-minded and eco-focused, Castle Rock Water proudly offers profit sharing to its community partners and is one of only two domestic water companies that uses glass bottles, for a smaller carbon footprint.

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