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Bottled Water Industry Responds to Drought Stories

The International Bottled Water Association responds to the recent Mother Jones article “Bottled Water Comes From the Most Drought-Ridden Places in the Country,” which incorrectly claimed that the bottled water industry is a major contributor to California’s ongoing drought.


Philippines Proposal Would Add 10% Tax on Soft Drinks

Members of the Beverage Industry Association of the Philippines denounced House Bill 3365, which seeks to impose a 10% ad valorem tax on carbonated drinks, on top of the regular 12% value-added tax on the sale of goods. “We as an industry view it as an undue form of discrimination,” lawyer Adel A. Tamano of the BIAP told BusinessWorld at the sidelines of a briefing at the House of Representatives yesterday. (bworldonline.com)


Constellation in Voluntary Recall of Corona Bottles

Constellation Brands recalled some of its beer because glass particles were found in some bottles. Constellation said in a statement that it is recalling "select packages in the U.S. containing 12-ounce clear glass bottles of its Corona Extra beer that may contain small particles of glass. The voluntary recall covers 12-ounce clear bottles in select six-pack, 12-pack and 18 pack packages containing bottles with the production codes listed below.'' The recall was the result of company inspections that detected defects in certain bottles that could cause small particles of glass to break off and fall into the bottle. The company said no one has been injured because of the defective bottles. The affected bottles came from one of four glass plants run by a third-party manufacturer, which the company did not name in its statement. (democratandchronicle.com; Gannett)


Louisiana Brewery Abita Launches New Expansion

Abita Brewing is beginning the expansion of its visitor center and office spaces, the last phase of a $15 million renovation of the property in Abita Springs that began earlier this year. The brewery expansion added 200 barrels of capacity to the company’s 100-barrel facility and a new cellar space with room for a dozen 800-barrel tanks.Abita is capable now of brewing 900,000 barrels of beer a year. The company is also exploring other products, including soft drinks. (dailyworld.com, Gannett


Buddha Beer Gaining Popularity in U.S.

Meet Lucky Buddha beer, a crisp pale ale bottled at the Thousand Island Lake in China that is catching eyes -- and increasingly more distributors in the West -- with its unique packaging: a smiling, Buddha-shaped bottle. The unorthodox shape of the Lucky Buddha drinking vessel is definitely setting it apart on shelves at Target and BevMo!, and that has translated to increasing sales. Revenue was four times higher in 2014 than it was in 2013, according to a spokesman. Currently available in 48 states, representatives for the company told ABC News that Lucky Buddha plans to expand to all 50 by 2015. It's also gaining visibility at events like the recent Wanderlust Festival in Aspen, Colo. (ABC News)


Honest Tea Index Finds 95% of Americans Are Honest

The results are in for Honest Tea’s recently conducted a national social experiment called The National Honesty Index: when faced with a choice to be honest or not, the experiment found that a resounding 95% of Americans were honest, up from 92% in 2013. From July 16- August 12, 2014, Honest Tea set up unmanned racks of cold Honest beverages offered for $1 on the honor system in 60 locations across all 50 states & Washington, D.C. At every site, information was collected including the number of people who paid or stole, as well as observable characteristics such as gender and hair color. In a new twist this year, an online component was added to test the honesty of people on the Internet via an honor pact. Through a Facebook application, people were asked to share an inspirational quote on their wall, or not, in return for a coupon. In total, more than 28,000 people participated in person and online.