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2014 Continues Strong Growth for Breweries

Small and independent craft brewers enjoyed continued growth in the first half of 2014, according to new mid-year data released by the Brewers Association (BA), the not-for-profit trade association that represents the majority of U.S. breweries. American craft beer production volume increased 18 percent during the first half of the year.


Berkeley To Debate Soda Tax Today

There will be a debate in Berkeley, California Monday over the pros and cons of a tax on soda. The city council has proposed a one cent per ounce tax on sugar-sweetened drinks, and it's on the Nov. ballot. (ABCNews7)


Gallup Poll: More Americans Avoid Soda

Nearly two-thirds of Americans say they avoid soda in their diet, while more than half say they avoid sugar. Meanwhile, more than nine in 10 Americans claim they try to include fruits (92%) or vegetables (93%) in their diet -- slightly more than said this previously. (Gallup Well-Being)


TY KU Announces Creation of Davos Brands

TY KU is launching Davos Brands, an importer and marketer of luxury wines and spirits. The company has been formed under the direction of Founder and former CEO of SVEDKA Vodka (currently the #2 imported vodka in the US), Guillaume Cuvelier, who will serve as its Vice Chairman. Davos Brands will own and partner with best in class wines and spirits brands to develop and execute innovative sales and marketing strategies.


Battle Erupts over Milk Jugs in Canada

A spat over milk containers is souring relations between dairy farmers and manufacturers. For months, Ontario’s milk bureaucracy has been battling over whether consumers should be able to buy 3 liters of milk in the grocery store. (Toronto Star)


App Seeks to Make Choosing Wine Easier

A new iPhone app aims to help inexpert drinkers understand everything they need to know to avoid the potential pitfalls of purchasing everyone's favorite fermented grape juice. (Kitchenette)