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Beer Sales at Kiosks? Moscow Says ‘Nyet’

Under a law that took effect on New Year's Day, selling beer at the ubiquitous kiosks that mushroomed along Russian sidewalks and roadsides after the collapse of the Soviet Union has been banned. In a measure meant to address Russia’s high rate of problem drinking, beer now can be purchased only at restaurants, cafes and stores of at least about 500 square feet. (Washington Times)


2012 Was a Big Year for Beer

Does thinking back on the past year make you reach for a drink? You're not alone. Worldwide, sales of alcoholic beverages soared in 2012. Part of the reason alcohol sales are booming, according to analysts, is that stronger economies in emerging markets have given consumers there a bit more discretionary income -- which they're spending on drink, and on beer in particular. (MSN)


Controversy Arises Over Coke Photo

Doc Pemberton, the 19th-century pharmacist who invented Coca-Cola, is selling the soft drink via advertisements - but some disagree as to whether the photo being used is actually Doc. (Atlanta Business Chronicle)


Ancient Breweries Hint at Age-Old Appeal

As people rang in the New Year with dancing and a bit of bubbly, they could consider themselves part of an ancient human tradition. Several new archaeological finds suggest that alcohol has been a social glue in parties, from work festivals to cultic feasts, since the dawn of civilization. (MSNBC)