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Boston Beer Asks for Small-Brewer Tax Break

At the heart of the company’s Washington strategy is an attempt to persuade Congress to expand the size of “small brewers’’ who can qualify for a discounted excise tax on beer sales, seeking to raise the current limit from brewers who produce 2 million barrels a year to those who produce 6 million barrels. (The Boston Globe)


Boosting African Women's Appetite for Beer

One brewer, Heineken, is attempting to woo the elusive female African drinker with a sweeter, low-alcohol beer made from malt and lemon that it hopes will persuade them to try its other lagers. (Chicago Tribune)


Coke Putting Price Tag on Nature

Companies like Coca-Cola are working one-on-one with organizations such as The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and the World Wildlife Fund to assign a monetary value to natural resources, such as clean water, and the services they provide and then use these calculations in making business decisions. (Bloomberg)


Man Claims Find is Coke's Recipe

It may be the most sought-after recipe in the world: the recipe to Coca-Cola, known by very few people. The recipe is held in a safe at the World of Coca-Cola in downtown Atlanta. But now, one Georgia man believes he may have accidentally discovered the secret formula. (WTSP.com)