September 11-15, 2017


Beverage World presents the latest news from across the worldwide beverage market.

MillerCoors Achieves Record Low Water Use

In its new sustainability report, MillerCoors announced that it now uses a record-low of 3.82 barrels of water per barrel of beer, down 6.1% from the year before. And most of that improvement comes from enhancing efficiency at the farm -- which means their methods could help American farmers prepare for a drier future. (Time)


Coke Opens 57th Plant in India

A key Coca-Cola Co. bottler in India has added a new plant in the greater Noida region, bringing the number of Coke plants in the country to 57. Located just outside Delhi, the capital, the plant has two manufacturing lines, one using cans for sparkling beverages like soft drinks and the other producing still beverages like water, tea and juice. The can line is just the second of its kind in India. (


Brookyn Brewery Taps N.Y. Comic Con

Meet Brooklyn’s first superbeero. Brooklyn Brewery has joined forces with New York Comic Con event organizer ReedPop to create an American black ale dubbed Brooklyn Defender. The new brew even comes with its own character designed by Cliff Chiang, an artist working on DC Comics’ “Wonder Woman.” (NY Daily News)


Early Pumpkin Beers Cause Some Dismay

It's bad enough that back-to-school comes in June, and Halloween arrives in July. And of course we all know Christmas begins in September. But now even the craft beer industry is caving to seasonal creep. For this year, the beer drinker's harbinger of autumn — pumpkin ales — apparently couldn't hold off until the pumpkins actually ripened. (Daily News/AP)


Quality Beverage Expands in Central Mass.

Quality Beverage LP announced the acquisition of the remaining interest of Consolidated Beverages LLC, based in Auburn, Mass. Quality Beverage LP will now operate two divisions located in Taunton and Auburn.


Honest Tea Expanding into Foods

So what’s Seth Goldman, co-founder of Honest Tea and Bethesda dad, been doing since he sold his organic beverage company to Coca-Cola for a fortune two years ago? He still bikes to work in downtown Bethesda and plays Frisbee in the local public park with his boys. Goldman has stayed on as chief executive of Honest Tea, and the company soon plans to expand into healthful food. (The Washington Post)