September 11-15, 2017


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Soda Tax to be Floated in San Francisco

Now it's time for San Francisco to take its turn in the sugary beverage battle. Supervisor Scott Wiener plans this week to introduce a ballot measure that would set a tax on sugary beverages. The proceeds would fund health, nutrition and activity programs for city youth. (SF Gate)


Winery May Be Sued Over Inventory Impairment

Australia's Treasury Wine Estates Ltd is facing a potential class action lawsuit from shareholders over the ditching of aged U.S. inventory after litigation firm IMF Australia Ltd proposed funding the proceedings. The litigation financing firm and Maurice Blackburn, a law firm, said Treasury Wine should have disclosed the impairment much earlier and had misled the market. (Reuters)


Gay Rights Group Seeks Coca-Cola Support

Gay rights group All Out demonstrated outside Coca-Cola headquarters Monday, asking the beverage giant to speak out against a new Russian anti-gay “propaganda” law before the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics. The group targeted Coca-Cola because it’s one of the biggest sponsors of the Olympics. (


Bottled Water Sales Rising as Soda Ebbs

Few things are more American than Coca-Cola. But bottled water is washing away the palate trained to drain a bubbly soda. By the end of this decade, if not sooner, sales of bottled water are expected to surpass those of carbonated soft drinks, according to Michael C. Bellas, chief executive of the Beverage Marketing Corporation. (NY Times)


Chicago Brewer Exclusively Employs American Veterans

Fed up with the staggering unemployment rate among the nation's veterans and the corporations that pay little more than lip service to the problem one Chicago brewer has founded a new beer company that will exclusively employ vets. Paul Jenkins, the founder and CEO of the Veterans Beer Company, said the business is veteran owned, and "100 percent veteran staffed" from brewers to truck drivers, to executives staff to sales force. (Huffington Post)


Herradura Barrels Into Art World

Leveraging its long established art platform in Mexico, Herradura worked with marketing and advertising agency The Hive to invite 80 artists in eight U.S. cities (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, Austin, Miami and Santa Fe) to transform a Tequila Herradura oak barrel into a work of art. A jury-selected piece of work from each of the eight cities will be awarded $10,000 and an invitation to the final competition being held in Miami, where the finalist barrels will be auctioned off to benefit Creative Capital, a renowned arts organization. The creator of the winning Herradura Barrel Art piece will receive $100,000 - one of the largest monetary prizes in the contemporary art world.