September 11-15, 2017
New Beverage

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Stone Brewing Co.

Stone Brewing Co. Escondido, CA Limited 12-ounce bottle and draft

Stone Brewing Co. has released its first collaboration beer of 2012—dubbed Bear Republic⁄Fat Head's⁄Stone TBA. This brew pays homage to a relatively little–known beer style called Texas Brown Ale. It originated in California as a hopped up version of a brown ale recipe, and gained popularity in the early 80s with a group of NorCal homebrewers. This new brew adds its own twist to the style. Brewers include Richard Norgrove Jr., brewmaster Bear Republic Brewing Co., Matt Cole, Fat Head's Brewery & Saloon and Mitch Steele, brewmaster Stone Brewing Co. Norgrove for example added brown sugar and molasses to the recipe for added complexity. The brew has an ABV of 7.1 percent and 81 IBUs

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