September 11-15, 2017
New Beverage

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Seagram's Peach Twisted Gin

Pernod Ricard USA Purchase, N.Y. 50ml, 200ml, 375ml, 750ml and 1.75L sizes
$11.99/750ml Suggested Retail Price

Seagram's Gin is adding another flavor to its Twisted Gin portfolio, Seagram’s Peach Twisted Gin. The new flavor, which will be available nationally in September, combines traditional Seagram’s Gin with the flavor of fresh peach that can be served on the rocks or combined with sodas or juices for a "twist" on classic cocktails such as the Seagram’s Peach Twisted Berry Peach Fizz made with cranberry juice and club soda.  Seagram's Peach Twisted Gin will be joining Seagram’s Grape Twisted, Raspberry Twisted, Apple Twisted, Lime Twisted, Orange Twisted and most recently added, Pineapple Twisted , Gin flavors. Seagram’s Peach Twisted Gin is 35 percent abv/ 70 proof.

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