September 11-15, 2017
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Noble Hop Extra Pale Ale

No-Li Brewhouse Spokane, Wash. 22-ounce bottle

No-Li Brewhouse is releasing its Expo Series summer seasonal, Noble Hop Extra Pale Ale. The beer is available from June through August. Brewmaster Mark Irvin designed the beer to be reminiscent of a lager—light and crisp, with traditional noble hops, Saaz and Hallertau—while featuring the brewery’s American-Irish yeast blend, and fermenting the beer at ale temperatures, giving the beer a slight fruity flavor. The hops used are sourced  ​from​ the U.S., grown in ​Washington State's Yakima Valley. No-Li will ship out just 600 cases of the 6 percent ABV Noble Hop throughout the summer.

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