Thursday March 26, 2015 | 2-3pm EST

It’s no longer the case of “if” distribution mobility solutions will have a place in beverage operations.
In the fast-paced and ever-more complex world of beverage distribution, a growing array of mobile
technology solutions is working to connect supply chain partners and make the entire distribution
process more effi cient and effective.
This live webcast will feature a panel that includes beverage distributors who are using
distribution mobility solutions. They’ll explain why it was necessary for their operations
and how they discovered the solutions installed.

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Optimizing the Last Mile to Retail (April 4, 2012)                                                                                               
More products and pack sizes…A wider range of customer formats…A dizzying array of service requirements…Shrinking delivery windows. These are just a few of the growing challenges that are leading some beverage distributors to stamp “Mission: Impossible” to the task of managing that “last mile” to the store shelf or cooler. It doesn’t have to be that way.
A growing set of mobile solutions simplify and optimize the entire order-to-delivery process, turning seemingly impossible requirements into opportunities to provide excellent service, sell more and cut costs.
Hear from a beverage distributor IT professional and two veterans who know how to use mobile solutions strategically to improve beverage sales and distribution operations.

The Distributor's Craft (March 1, 2012)                                                                                                                             Few segments have proved to be as exciting and profitable as craft beer and distributors have played an increasingly pivotal role of building awareness in the marketplace and driving craft’s growth to the next level. Craft beer requires a special kind of attention. Hear from The Brewers Association and a leading distributor as we explore tools and best practices necessary for distributors to maximize craft profits not only for themselves, but for their brewer and retailer partners as well.

State of the Industry: The Changing Face of Beverage Categories (April 28, 2011)
What’s hot and what’s not? This session will take participants behind the numbers of Beverage World’s annual State of the Industry Report. Listen in as beverage brand marketing experts analyze and debate the trajectory of beverage categories including CSDs, bottled water, functional beverages, energy drinks, RTD tea, beer, wine and spirits.

Green Fleets: The Road Ahead (February 24, 2011)
A growing number of beverage distributors are proving that “Going Green” also means “Saving Green”—but only with the right combination of planning, equipment and best practices are they reaping the benefits of an eco-strategy. A panel of green beverage fleet operators will share their insights in an exclusive Beverage World Webcast.

Pop! Goes the Beverage Supply Chain (December 8, 2010)
The beverage supply chain is bursting at the seams. More products, greater customer service demands, more complexity. It’s trying the ability of marketers, producers and distributors to get products to market BETTER, FASTER and CHEAPER. Hear from two leading beverage distribution executives for insight into what is being done to deal with the biggest stresses facing beverage operations today.

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